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Custom BBQ Pits, Smokers & Grills

Big Bubbas recommended BBQ cookers and pits provide for a world class barbecue experience. They are manufactured by the Winningest Man in BBQ, Myron Mizxon. Whether you are in your backyard, a competition BBQ team, mobile food unit or a BBQ Restaurant you will not be disappointed with the life long results that these smokers put out. All of Big Bubbas Smokers are either insulated or non-insulated depending on your preference and purpose for use. Give us a Call and we will help you find the BBQ cooker for YOU!

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48" Insulated Smoker | Water and Wood Cooker | BBQ Competition Pit
48 Insulated Smoker

It's gets it's strength from 11 gauge steel and 1 inch tubing. A utility shelf runs the length of the cooker. Unit sits on solid rubber caster wheels for easy mobility.

This 48" Insulated cooker has two 48 inch by 24 inch cooking racks for a total of 16 sq ft of cooking space.

36" Semi-Insulated Smoker

This Smoker has two 36 inch by 24 inch cooking racks for a total cooking area of 12 sq ft. The cook chamber door, firebox door, and bottom of the firebox are insulated.

The cook chamber lid is assisted by two nitrogen filled shocks for opening and closing. The unit is built of 11 gauge steel with a utility shelf that runs the length of the smoker. It rest on solid rubber casters for easy mobility.

H20 500 Smoker

The "H2O" 500 Jacks Old South Smoker is the ultimate in BBQ experience. This a fully insulted rotisserie smoker with a five hundred pound cooking capacity.

The cooking chamber door is assisted by two nitrogen filled shocks for opening and closing. It has 5 four foot stainless steel racks, 18 inches wide, that rotate at 1 rpm powered by a direct drive motor.

H20 Flat Rack 750 Smoker

This smoker is a beast with a 750 lb meat capacity. It has flat stainless steel, split racks for easy loading and unloading.

It comes with a steel utility shelf and easy connection for the manual water control. Fully insulated for minimal heat loss.

72" Whole Hog Smoker

This hoss has two 6 ft X 3 ft racks capable of cooking two 200-pound plus hogs, or up to 50 pork butts.

The indirect water technology allows meat to tenderize while BBQ'ing. It's available with the gas assist, automatic water system, stainless steel racks and utility shelf.

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