What We Specialize In:
  • BBQ Ribs
  • Texas Style Brisket (Sliced & Chopped)
  • BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Choppd Pork
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Whole Hog



Jambo BBQ Pits, Smokers & Grills

Jambo Pits are highly recommended for the Professional BBQ Cooking Teams to Local BBQ Catering Company’s all over the country. If you are using a Jambo Pit you are cooking with FIRE! These custom made pits are all made custom to fit your BBQ’ing needs. Jambo Pits are Built to customer specs and they ALL can be set up with refrigeration, storage, cooking stations, and best of all the cooking space is set up to cook everything from Butts to Whole Hogs!

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48" Insulated Smoker | Water and Wood Cooker | BBQ Competition Pit
Economy Model

This BBQ Pit is a backyard to competition favorite. You can get in the game and become a BBQ competition champion. Whether you are cooking for your family or a small event this pit will deliver results!

Available Options include Stainless Cutting Board, Side Sign, Custom Paint, Upgraded Tires and Wheels, and Boiler Door.

Enclosed Trailer

This Jambo pit is a real "Hoss"! It has everything you will need to cultivate the best BBQ flavors and help you and your staff or team become a crowd favorite.

Base Price starting at $6,000.00. Available Options Include: Chrome Stack - $200.00

J-5 BBQ Pit

Are you a mobile foodie or competition team? The J-5 is the ultimate pit that Jambo produces and can be custom made to fit your BBQ team and culinary needs. This pit makes BBQ to perfection and is manufactured by hand to your satisfaction.

Base Price starting at $12,000.00. Options Available Include: Side Boxes - $1,600.00; Bolier Door - $900.00.

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